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My name is Cristina Costa and I am the director of Lewu, Learn and Enjoy With Us, a language school and language tourism agency located in Valencia. We organize language immersion courses for children and adults in English and Spanish for foreigners. Always for limited groups of students with the aim of being able to give a direct, personal and caring treatment to each one of them.

We carry out our campuses at the Alfinach School in Puçol, in the municipality of Valencia, at Christmas, Easter and summer. It is aimed at foreign minors between the ages of 3-17 of any nationality, so they will all live together and practice the language with natives. The objective of the campus is to offer children learning the language through essentially practical classes, through different activities and workshops with effective teaching techniques to implement a true immersion program, and of course, always keeping in mind that the public at that is directed are minors, so the fundamental purpose that we want is that the classes are enjoyable and fun for the students. Together with the classes, different sports and recreational activities will be carried out daily and in summer, on weekends we will organize weekly excursions to different places in the Valencian Community.

The school will set up a residence for the summer period, so we provide the boarding service with accommodation in the educational center itself and five meals included among the contracted services. In addition, as the center has sports areas such as an artificial grass soccer field, basketball, tennis, swimming pool, ping pong, and volleyball, we offer a multiple selection of sports activities for students who are interested in practicing and perfecting any of these sports.

The educational center is located in the municipality of Puçol and in it you can find several attractive services, such as the commuter train and the beach, so students will visit the beach weekly and will be able to practice water sports, such as surfing, paddle surfing, sailing , etc.

Another of our business areas is the management of the "academic year" in private and public schools in Valencia and surroundings. The objective of this program is that young minors who want to spend an academic year in Spain can enjoy this enriching experience, learning Spanish and Spanish culture, returning to their studies in their country of origin once the course is finished.

We also organize school trips during the school year for those schools that want to offer their students a linguistic immersion experience of the Spanish language in Valencia.

Finally, LEWU teaches intensive and extensive Spanish courses for foreigners, aimed at adults or families, and for this, it has prepared language tourism packages combining language courses with accommodation in central Valencia or in the outskirts if preferred, and the possibility of hire other leisure, cultural and entertainment services for all audiences. We also prepare for the DELE and we teach every weekend of the year, various workshops for children and adults for the enjoyment of the whole family.

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