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Camps, a fun way to learn

Once the school period is over, the summer vacation season arrives, in which more and more parents consider the idea of sending their children to a camp.

This thought not only has the purpose of allowing your children to have fun, learn and meet new friends, but this also represents a solution for those parents who work during all the summer months and have no option to leave their children with other people. .

Choosing the ideal camp for our little ones

Once we have made the decision to take our son to a camp, thousands of doubts can arise, among which the main one is, which camp to send him to?

On the buscocampamentos website, we can find a wide variety of the best summer camps in Spain.

Each of these camps have a duration that varies from 7 days to even 14 days. In addition, these camps are developed throughout the national territory, such as in Cazorla, Valencia, Toledo, Asturias, Cantabria, among others.

In turn, each of these camps will have a different price depending on the duration and the type of activity that takes place in it.

A way to expand or learn languages

Another option that we can have is to send our children to courses abroad. In order not only to have fun and have a good time, but also to become familiar with another language. This will bring you great benefits in the future.

These language courses are mainly developed in Ireland. They have a minimum duration of two weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks. The price ranges between €1,400 and €1,700, this includes English classes, an extensive program of activities, accommodation with a family with the rest of the classmates on a full board basis and transfers to and from the airport. However, the price does not include the flight from your country of residence to the destination country.

An important fact is that most of the camps include medical insurance, travel insurance and civil liability insurance.

What theme to choose?

In turn, we can also opt for one camp or another depending on the taste or preference of our children since there are camps with various themes.

There are dance, music and theater camps, we can also find camps related to sports such as basketball, football, tennis and paddle tennis, golf, surfing camps.

Another of the existing modalities are technological and science camps, as well as film, cooking and horse riding camps.

In conclusion, there is a wide variety of camps available, so we have a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Our decision can be focused on the taste of our son or we can focus it on the need that he has to expand his language skills.

Whatever our decision, undoubtedly sending our children to a camp can have many benefits both for parents and, above all, for our children since they will be trained, enjoy and, above all, learn to live with the environment. rest of colleagues.

News originally published in Huelva 24.


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