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English courses for adults

At LEWU, in the area of English, we work with clear quarterly goals following the Cambridge Assessment content and carefully preparing our programs taking into account the profile of the group and each student.

This is the only way we achieve a success rate in the British Council exams and other collaborating official organizations.

Our teaching method is based on combining our classes with dynamic activities combining team building, escape rooms, role plays motivating the student to learn the chosen language in a fun way.

Learn a new language naturally

On the first day the teachers assess the student to know his level and adapt him to the ideal group for him.

We work through our own playful and practical methodology by means of different group and individual dynamics, using natural learning for the real acquisition of contents by exposing ourselves to simulations of real situations.

We work on the basic pillars of each language: listening, reading, writing, especially speaking..

Personalized monitoring and constant motivation

Our teachers, coordination and direction follow up on each student with the objective of constantly motivating them to advance in the acquisition of content in a natural way. The teachers are native and/or bilingual, with degrees in English philology or in teaching, CELTA certificates, with extensive experience in teaching English.

In addition to our in-school and online courses, We offer Business English courses for companies "in company", in our school or online, in which we achieve the objectives set by actively working with resources through coaching and constant motivation of the students.



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