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On-line English

You can learn English from your home, work or wherever you choose in a comfortable way.

We work with both children and adults through our own method using different fun activities simulating real situations in which the student learns in a fun way and is motivated at all times.

We design a personalized program for each of our students to achieve our goal, which is that you learn English and above all that you speak it naturally in your daily life.

Choose the day, time and duration of your classes

At LEWU we combine both traditional methods and the most advanced so that our students learn the grammatical rules of the language, the fundamental basis for learning it, its structure, encouraging above all oral expression.

We work on the different accents, with a strong emphasis on phonetics, a fundamental pillar to speak perfect English with any native English speaker. Your confidence in conversation, grammar and reading in Spanish with live online classes, qualified teachers and a schedule that adapts to you.

You can choose the time and day of your choice. Classes of 30 minutes or one hour, even extend if you prefer or sign up for our intensive courses.

In a group or in private? You choose

We organize classes for small groups as well as private or semi-private (for siblings or friends).

For adults we offer online English classes in your company and we have highly qualified teachers who will design your course taking into account your sector and needs for the development of your functions in your job.

Lewu is 
personalised lessons
native and bilingual teachers
reduced groups
sport, experiences, tastings...

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