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Valencia Puzol

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Alfinach School

Puçol (Valencia, Spain)

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Cursos de idiomas inglés y español para extranjeros

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We offer English and Spanish courses for foreigners.

Language courses

Clases de ingles en Valencia

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Get to know Valencia and learn Spanish as you choose.

Mini Stays in Valencia


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Learn languages through educational and sporting activities

Lewu, Learn and Enjoy with Us


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What we do

Introducing our Summer Language Immersion Camp for young people where sports play a key role

An immersive language learning experience

Language Immersion Camps for young learners

At Lewu we offer English and Spanish language immersion camps combining educational activities with sports, for young learners from 3 to 16 years of age.

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Lewu Summer Camp

Easter Camp in Valencia 2023

This is a full immersion programme for young learners of all ages wishing to learn  Spanish or English. On-site accommodation is provided.

Summer Camp in Valencia 2023

Lewu offers the choice of on-site accommodation and a cool programme to have fun while learn languages and make friends.

Language courses

We offer a wide variety of options, including intensive and long-term courses, one-to-one classes in an academy or in your home, preparation for the DELE exam and customised language tourism programmes.

Academic year abroad and school exchange trips

Our academic year abroad programme provides students with a unique opportunity to study in Spain. Students can stay for a single school term, half a year or a full academic year, following the academic course (ESO or Bachillerato) which is equivalent to their studies in their home country.

About Us

Lewu is a company with expertise in language teaching for every kind of learner. We use a hands-on methodology, specially adapted to meet each student’s individual needs. The key to our success is our ability to keep students’ motivation-levels high, so it will come as no surprise that our language courses are full of fun, hands-on activities.


The methodology at the heart of Lewu’s educational programme is based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), commonly known as language immersion. This highly-effective technique has students taking part in games as well as theoretical and practical activities, in which they must use their target language to achieve the objective of the task.

Coaching, Positive Psychology and Customised Programme

Constant motivation through positive psychology and personal growth together with customised programming for the student or group, makes learning a second language not only easy, but also enjoyable, fun and effective. Our students achieve good results in the short term and most importantly become passionate about languages and new cultures.

Learn and Enjoy with Us: The Lewu Method

Our objective is to teach languages through fun, hands-on activities, providing a learning experience with a focus on having fun while sharing with others.

Language immersion

We offer language immersion courses based on a tried and tested methodology, using activities that are carefully designed to appeal to our young learners.

Educational activities

We provide fun, hands-on, educational activities so that students can enjoy themselves while learning the new language and improving their team-working skills.


We offer customised stays year-round, in on-site accommodation as well as homestays, hostels, hotels and flat-shares.

Fun and sharing

Since our programmes are aimed at students of various nationalities, we work hard to ensure that all our courses offer students a friendly and inclusive learning environment.

Experienced teaching staff

All our staff are highly qualified and specialised in their field, in order to give our students the very best service possible.

Modern installations

We offer rooms suitable for individuals, pairs or small groups, in addition to laundry facilities, a kitchen, a swimming pool, internet access and more than 60,000 metres of green spaces and sports facilities.

Welcome to Lewu's sport and leisure facilities

Our complex has a total area of 60,000 square metres, in which you can find our teaching centre, green areas and sport facilities. Here you can enjoy a range of activities including football, tennis, swimming, extra-curricular activities and workshops.

Lewu. Your camp. Your friends. Come and join us!


Lewu’s summer camps are held at Alfinach School, in Puçol (Valencia), offering students a range of facilities designed to meet their learning needs.

The Spanish camp is for young learners of any nationality between the ages of 11 and 16. Our English camp is for young learners between the ages of 3 and 16 (July: from 12- 16 years, August: from 3- 16 years). The adult courses are suitable for any age.

At Lewu we specialise in language immersion courses. We currently offer intensive and long-term English and Spanish courses suitable for many different age groups.

The duration of residential camps and family homestays can be between 2 and 4 weeks (for courses of 1 or 3 weeks, please contact us for details on price and availability).

We offer many different types of intensive course: long-term courses (these can be for the duration of a single term or for a full academic year); one-to-one classes in the academy or in your home, which may include preparation for the DELE exam; and even custom packages with accommodation included. Options range from hotels, hostels, flat-shares to homestays, all located in Valencia.

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