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Valencia Puzol

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Cursos de inglés para adultos en Lewu-Valencia

Spanish classes in Valencia

Do you want to learn languages in Valencia? You choose: Spanish for foreigners, English, German or Turkish.

We are ready to open our doors again to our adult students with ours Spanish Classes in Valencia!  After going through very hard days all together, we will be refreshing our minds and bring back the Spanish and English we have been hiding for a long time.

In our language classes,  we are aiming to achieve your goals in an educative and fun way! Instead of memorising everything, we will be practicing the language with our authentic materials creating real life situations.

You can feel free to choose our morning, afternoon or Saturday classes and routinise it with your working schedule.

Meet us a our new place in Valencia city center, near la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. If you prefer we can teach at your place or online lessons too.

Do not hesitate to contact us about any question ! We are waiting for you with all the precautions taken into consideration related to COVID-19.

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