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What is a summer camp in Spanish for foreigners like?

In Lewu we are experts in English and Spanish teaching and we believe that it is important to learn a new language in a fun and dynamic way. In addition to our courses Y mini-stays, we also offer summer camps for children and adolescents. If you are looking for activities for your children in which they will not only have fun, but also learn a new language, you are in the right place! Today we are going to tell you what ours is like summer camp in spanish.

Summer Camp in Spanish: Fun and learning!

The summer camps in Spanish for foreigners They have become a very popular option for children and young people around the world. They are an excellent option whether you have just moved to our country or if you are going to do so in the near future, but also if you want your children to learn this language.

Our summer camp in spanish It is a perfect combination of language learning, outdoor activities and cultural immersion. This guarantees that the experience is very enriching, but it also serves to strengthen ties between children and adolescents, This is something memorable and that your children will remember for a lifetime!

Children learn the language while having fun

Advantages of the summer camp in Spanish for foreigners

Learning a new language

Without a doubt, the most important thing is that your children will learn or improve Spanish. This language classes are designed for all levels and we use interactive methods in which they combine learning with fun. In addition, total immersion in the language makes learning the language easier: it is fast and effective. Your children will be surrounded by native speakers.

Sports and outdoor activities

Summer camps offer a wide range of sports and outdoor activities. From soccer and basketball, to water sports, there are options for all tastes! These activities not only encourage a active and healthy lifestyle, but they also promote teamwork among children and adolescents.

Cultural activities

Besides of language learning and sports activities, a summer camp in Spanish includes cultural workshops and excursions that allow participants to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the country. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of summer camp is the possibility of meet and make friends from all over the world.

Summer camps attract children and young people from different nationalities, which creates a unique multicultural environment. Sports and cultural activities allow participants to interact and build long lasting relationships. And in a very fun space!

Personal growth

He summer camp in Spanish for foreigners not only offers learning and fun, but also contributes to personal development of children and young people. By spending the night in our facilities and getting away from the family for a few weeks, independence, self-confidence and communication skills. These are skills that participants develop during their stay. And of course, the experience of living in a different environment for a time allows you to adapt to new situations.

Discover Lewu's Spanish summer camp

You already know what the benefits are of enrolling your children in a summer camp in spanish. But we want you to know in depth what our summer campuses are like. We tell you that the participants can stay with us, in the educational center in Puzol (Valencia), although we also have the option of a day campus, for children and adolescents who reside in Valencia.

Summer camp in Spanish includes water activities

He residential campus It is aimed at boys and girls (between 7 and 17 years old), of any nationality and origin; For its part, in the day campus Boys and girls from 3 to 17 years old can participate. In our camp we teach classes in small groups of maximum 12 students. The environment is unique: In Puzol (Valencia), in facilities that border the beach and the Calderona mountain range.

In addition to learning Spanish, participants can sign up for the following modalities camping:

  • Multiactivity Camp. Perfect for participants who love sports, art and entertainment.
  • Soccer Camp. For little soccer players, this is the perfect camp! It includes daily training and even soccer tournaments, as well as leisure activities.
  • Dance & Drama Camp. For little artists, the camp that includes dance and theater and, of course, leisure activities.
  • Basketball Camp. If your children are basketball lovers, this is the camp they need, as it includes practices with a professional coach and sports tournaments.
  • Water Sports Camp. For those who love the sea and water sports, the Water Sports Camp. Here we include two hours of daily activities such as kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing and XXL paddle surfing.
  • Parkour Camp. For the most intrepid and adventurous, who love adrenaline, movement and overcoming obstacles.
  • Volleyball Camp. Aimed at volleyball lovers, with daily training and technical training from a professional coach.
  • day campus. For residents in Valencia, then the day campus: Participants do not need to spend the night in our facilities.


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