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Easter Camp 2020


Hello Campers! The Easter holidays are approaching, and we are preparing our camp in great detail so that your children can enjoy this incredible experience.

Those of you who know us know that our camps stand out for their cultural variety and the English or Spanish language immersion program for foreigners.

It is designed in a framework of coexistence with students of different nationalities and in a playful and motivating environment to achieve our goal.

Your children will learn and perfect the vehicular language while having fun.

For those of you who do not know us yet, we encourage you to do so, as we assure you that you will not remain indifferent, but on the contrary, you will find in our Easter camp LEWU CAMPS the alternative that you are looking for; the entertainment of your children and the enjoyment while they learn.

We are aware of the social reality in which we live, that for families it is sometimes difficult to reconcile work and family, especially in the school vacation period, and for this reason we have created this service for you.

At LEWU CAMPS, campers not only learn the language, but our teachers and monitors enhance the values, emotions and talent of each of the students.

For these Holy Week we have prepared a variety of educational, sports and recreational activities, in which both individually and with group dynamics and through different teaching techniques.

The campers integrate with their new companions, they are motivated, they learn new cultures, they consolidate the basic values of our society and they work on their emotions, helping each other to achieve the joint objective: to practice the language and improve their social skills.

It should not be forgotten that our teachers are native and/or bilingual, have extensive experience in teaching languages and are constantly training to be up-to-date with the best teaching techniques.

The monitors are also native and/or bilingual and in this way we have a true language immersion program and the main channel with the students will be the vehicular language.

These holidays we will be open from April 13 to 17 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. You can register your children for half a day (9.30-13.30) or full day (9.30-16.30) with the possibility of starting from 8.00am.

Lunch and snack are included in the full day package.

In both options, students have Civil Liability insurance, a report from the monitor and language teacher, and a final evaluation report.

You can choose between three types of campus:

MULTIACTIVITY CAMP: For those who like variety. 4 hours of language classes and workshops along with sports and leisure activities.

SOCCER CAMP: For soccer lovers. They will have expert coaches and will hold daily training sessions and a tournament on campus. They will also have 2 hours of language class.

ARTISTIC CAMP: For those who love the arts. They will enjoy dance, singing, theater and performing arts workshops and will also have 2 hours of language classes.

In all modalities, students will enjoy a theme party as the final climax to the camp.


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