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Benefits of mini stays to learn languages

The linguistic immersions short duration are an excellent option for learn languages, but they are also a good way to immerse yourself in the local culture. In Lewu we organize these dives for children and for adults, adjusting to the needs of the students. What are the benefits of mini stays or short-term stays? We will tell you about it in the following article!

What are the advantages of mini stays?

Mini stays are nothing more than short term stays that serve to learn or improve a Foreign language. These are small linguistic immersions that are carried out in groups so that the practice is much more enjoyable and fun.

One of the benefits of mini stays, is that they are usually practiced in small groups to which participants can enroll. students of a class, but it is also possible to join groups of friends, work or even strangers (minimum 10 people).

Learn in a fun and dynamic way: know the benefits of mini stays

They are a unique opportunity for practice the language you want to learn, but in a very fun and dynamic way. It is not about spending many hours in the classroom, but rather including activities leisure and tourism that, in addition, serve to delve into the local culture. Precisely, another of the benefits of mini stays is that you can tour different cities and fully understand the customs and traditions of the place.

Why is this so important for language learning? A mini stay allows students to interact with the inhabitants of the city something that, without a doubt, improves social skills. And, of course, the pronunciation to get around easily in the language. Everything happens in a most relaxed and calm atmosphere and, as these are short-term stays, resources are maximized.

Short stays for children and teenagers in Valencia

In Lewu we are experts in mini stays for children and teenagers (under 18 years old). If you want your children to discover the benefits of mini stays, Don't hesitate to sign up with us! We take care of the management of flights, accommodation and activities to be carried out in Valencia. The best? Our mini stays are custom designed.

You choose the travel time, as well as the cultural and leisure activities you want for your children. It is also possible to sign up for excursions to make the experience unforgettable. In the case of children, they can come to our camps (Easter and summer), in a coastal town 15 minutes from Valencia.

The little ones not only immerse themselves fully in the English learning, but they can also practice sports and recreational activities that create lifelong bonds. And if what you are looking for is a mini stay for school groups, you can also organize the trip at our school in Valencia. Children and adolescents can stay in hotels, hostels and residences, while they get to know the city and learn the language.

Benefits of mini stays for adults

Not only children can sign up for short term stays. If what you want is to learn Spanish and speak it with natives during your holidays in Spain, You are in the right place! At Lewu we offer you language immersion courses for adults and families. You can stay in hotels, hostels or shared apartments, as well as with host families in Valencia.

Adults can sign up for mini stays in Spanish

Learning Spanish has never been so fun! This program is perfect for Adults who travel alone and want to fully discover the culture of the city, while learning Spanish. It is also an ideal resource for groups of friends and work. And, as we already mentioned, families who have just moved to Spain and need to practice the language can also discover the benefits of mini stays in Valencia in a very fun way.

One of the benefits of the dives we offer at Lewu is that we design language tourism packages tailored. Here we include Classes for adults and children; We also organize activities that adapt to the preferences of the students. For example, guided tours, excursions, sports activities and many other unique experiences.

Besides, Valencia is distinguished by its excellent gastronomyWhat's better than a culinary experience? You can try the authentic food of the place, do wine and beer tastings. Furthermore, it is also possible to do boat rides or bicycle through the Valencian orchard. And sports? Some yoga, surf or windsurf sessions. And, of course, Spanish classes with native teachers.


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