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We are ready to open our doors again to our adult students with our intensive English classes! After going through very hard days all together, we will be refreshing our minds and bring back the English we have been hiding for a long time. In our adult English classes, we are aiming to achieve your goals in an educational and fun way! Instead of memorizing everything, we will be practicing English with our authentic materials creating real life situations. Our method is focused on practicing the English language as much as we can in an entertaining way for a well-designed language acquisition. In our English classes, we encourage our adult students to express themselves freely in a face to face or group conversation. To achieve our goal, we take advantage of different English teaching methods. In our English classes, your needs and preferences are highly important for us to be able to guide you in your English journey and prepare a learning program specifically designed for you. We also give importance to your social life outside the class, for this reason you can feel free to choose our morning, afternoon or Saturday adult English classes and routine it with your daily schedule. If you have a very busy schedule, you can also benefit from our online English classes. By the help of our English classes, you will notice that English will be a part of your life instead of being a burden on your shoulders. In our English classes, we will guide you to internalize English and recognisably improve your skills in a short span of time. Join us in this fun English journey! Do not hesitate to contact us about any question! We are waiting for you in our adult English classes with all the precautions taken into consideration related to COVID-19 so that you can enjoy learning English in a safe environment. What are you waiting for to learn English?


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