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Build Communication Skills in Business English or Spanish for foreigners. Advance in your career and widen your abilities! English and Spanish are the essential languages of the business world. Business English or Spanish skills are significant for getting one step ahead in your career. Improving your business English or Spanish for foreigners skills will help you work more effectively and open up new job opportunities. You can prove yourself at work and get confident on your profession. We designed this course to develop your business communication skills in English or Spanish. Students learn to express themselves better in a variety of professional situations in addition to studying business vocabulary and reinforcing their existing English/Spanish background with grammar, writing, vocabulary and listening activities.

The course covers, business meeting conversational classes, giving presentations in English/Spanish, writing a business e-mail, formal and informal language, telephone register, negotiation, writing a CV and interviews, revision of English/Spanish subjects.

For our Business English/Spanish classes we offer two options; first one is for the employers with low language level (A1,A2,B1) which is designed to improve their skills with an intensive English/Spanish course to achieve at least a daily conversational level that will be compatible with other employers with higher levels. Second option is for the employers with higher language level which designed to improve their skills on specifically related to their position and the possible situations they may experience in their career. In both cases, we aim to achieve a noticeable improvement and confidence in Business English/Spanish. Their confidence in English  or Spanish will help them to work in a more comfortable and efficient environment which will lead them to contribute to their company.



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